Luggage Labels 

Plasweld manufactures and supplies a large range of customised luggage labels. 

Our PVC labels are manufactured using specialist RF welding machinery in our Auckland factory. 

We also supply credit card style luggage labels, as well as an eco-friendly version made from sustainable washable kraft paper.

PVC Luggage Labels

  • We have been manufacturing PVC luggage labels in our Auckland factory for over 30 years

  • Various designs, colours and finishes are available

  • We can screen print, foil print or emboss your logo or design

  • These luggage labels are manufactured using the same material as our PVC travel wallets - making them a great combo to giveaway for travel customers

  • Because we are local, we can manufacture a huge range of quantities - no job is too big or too small! 

Credit Card Style Luggage Labels

  • We have been supplying this popular style of luggage label to our customers in New Zealand for many years

  • The material is incredibly durable and hard-wearing, making them an excellent choice for the regular traveller

  • The credit card style is available as a single tag or double tag, printed inside and out

  • Wire or plastic loop tie attachments are available


Washable Kraft Paper Luggage Labels

  • Washable kraft paper luggage labels are a new addition to our product range

  • This eco-friendly material is sustainably sourced and recyclable - making it a great option for those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint

  • Various shapes and sizes are available - so get creative with your design ideas!

  • Washable kraft paper is available in a range of natural colours

  • The luggage labels are printed with an address label on one-side, and your logo or brand on the other

Call our friendly team to discuss your requirements and design ideas today!