Presentation and Display Products

Plasweld manufactures bespoke presentation and display products locally in our Auckland factory. 

We specialise in using PVC, and polypropylene to provide long-lasting, durable solutions - rather than single-use disposable products.

Eco-friendly materials are also available including cardboard and recycled polypropylene.

Cardboard Packaging

  • Cardboard is a great eco-friendly option for promotional and display boxes

  • It is strong and durable but also recyclable, and can be printed or embossed with your logo or graphics

  • Our Eco-Range of cardboard packaging is a great option for promotional products or giveaways

  • All our promotional products are manufactured in our factory on the North Shore

  • We will work with you to finalise the size, style and design that best suits your needs

Custom PVC Products

  • We manufacture bespoke PVC packaging for presenting or displaying your products in our Auckland factory

  • PVC is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses

  • PVC packaging is ideal for:

    • Cleaning products

    • Brushware & cosmetics

    • Gift packs

    • Promotional packaging

    • Lanyard pockets

  • The material can act as a secure and weatherproof environment while your product is not in use

Custom Polypropylene Products

  • The words "toughness" and "durability" are synonymous with polypropylene

  • Plasweld use PROMEG polypropylene (manufactured in Australia) - it's lightweight, durable and suitable for a range of marketing, packaging, signage, product and architectural purposes

  • We also offer PROMEG Ecorange polypropylene - made from 50 - 100% recycled material

  • Polypropylene offers the ability to create imaginative designs and attractive graphics on a wide range of solid, opaque and transparent stock

  • Screen printed graphics on polypropylene can produce stunning visual effects reinforcing its reputation as the modern packaging medium

  • Polypropylene packaging products include:

    • Document / file boxes

    • Sample containers

    • Conference satchels

    • Pencil cases

    • Swatch holders

    • Display boxes

    • Point of Sale 

    • Clipboards




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