Sustainable Materials

We are really excited to be able to offer our customers eco-friendly options - using materials that are sustainably sourced, recyclable, bio-degradable or reusable.

Check out some of the sustainable materials Plasweld offer below:

Washable Kraft Paper

  • Washable kraft paper is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to plastic with first rate environmental credentials

  • The washable kraft paper we use is FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council) so you can be confident that the wood pulp is sourced from responsibly managed forests

  • The material also meets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which tests for harmful substances on textiles that may be in close contact with skin

  • Available in a range of natural colours, the material can also be printed to suit your requirements

  • This high quality material is extremely durable (yet lightweight) and can be used in a diverse range of items including travel wallets, luggage labels, and re-usable bags


Felt Fabric

  • Felt is another great eco-friendly material that we are excited to be able to offer to our customers

  • The fabric has a lovely luxurious feel and is extremely durable - making it a great reusable option

  • A wide range of colours are available along with various degrees of thickness - all of which can be printed with your logo or design

  • Felt is recyclable, reusable and re-purposable - so you know the material you are using will have more than one life

  • Local Resource Centre's around the country will take pre-loved textiles like felt, and distribute them to the community for use in arts and crafts projects - contact us to find out more about the options for re-purpose in your area.



  • Cardboard is a dependable material that provides strength and durability, whilst also retaining strong eco-credentials as a recyclable material

  • We have designed and manufactured some fabulous cardboard products for our customers, including document holders and promotional boxes 

  • Cardboard is another great alternative option to plastic, and can be moulded into various shapes and forms

  • It can be easily printed or embossed with your logo


Recycled Polypropylene

  • Polypropylene is a versatile material with a high cosmetic finish that is easy to work with and can be used to manufacture a huge range of products - including ring binderspresentation & display productsregistration pockets... the list goes on!

  • Our recycled polypropylene is manufactured by PROMEG in Australia - non-toxic and made from 50 to 100% recycled material

  • Recycled polypropylene provides you with all the benefits of 'new' polypropylene but with the added benefit of being a recycled material - so you know the material you are using has already been through one life cycle

Recycled Plastic

  • Our Recycled PET is certified 100% recycled content post-consumer - which means the material is made completely out of recycled plastics!

  • We are excited to be able to offer this to notch eco-friendly alternative to virgin plastic

  • This beautiful, high-quality fabric is extremely durable and lightweight, making it ideal for travel wallets and document folders

  • Board and foam can also be added to strengthen the material for us in a variety of other products

  • Recycled PET is available in a range of colours and can easily be printed with your logo

  • The material is just as strong and versatile as other plastics, but with the incredible benefit of being a "green" version!



Our friendly team will help you decide on the best material for your products - come and check out the beautiful range of samples at our North Shore office!